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GameSpot sm95editorial choise EA - Electronic Arts Pogo sm85  
PC Gamer sm95 Activision Alawar Games
Square-enix 3G Studios MiniClip Games
IGN Blizzard Yahoo! Games sm90editorial choise
N4g Akella MSN Games sm90
Games radar Maxis PopCap Games
Polygon sm90 SEGA
Giant bomb KONAMI Youda Games
EA news Ubisoft
Euro gamer Microsoft Games Zynga
Escapist magazine Rockstargame Games

... PC Games:

Computer games are entertainment programs, in a virtual platform, the personal computers.

... Consoles Games:

It is a microcomputer dedicated to video game, running a game at a time. Most modern consoles have features such as voice commands or gestures, vibration and other features such as access to the Internet or watching movies.

Most popular consoles: Playstation, X-Box, Nintendo, PSP, Wii, Gameboy ...

Types of Games: Strategy: (RTS: Real time strategy and TBS: Turn-based strategy); RPG: Role playing game; FPS: First person shooter; TPS: Third Person Shooter, MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online; Role-Playing Game; Board, Simulation, Cards, Platforms, Puzzle, Action, Adventure ...


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