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portal DOWNLOAD downloads barra-vert pub
Pitchfork Spin Songily sm95  
Sound cloud Hype machine  
Spotify NPR Music  
Yahoo music Beathound EVENTS events
Last fm Youtube music
All music MTV Eventful
Radio Jango  
Live365 Chordify
Hype Machine
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Music is the combination of rhythm, harmony and melody, agreeably to the ear. Music is an artistic and cultural expression of humanity, at one time or region. Music is a vehicle used to express feelings.

... Shows:

Are representations or public performances that are intended for entertainment. Can be concerts, shows, theatrical performances, musicals, film, circus or displays of artwork such as art exhibitions.

... Events:

Are events that have the potential to attract media attention and can have periodicity or not. Events fall into such diverse areas as: launch of a major product, sports activities, festivals, parades, anniversaries celebrated by communities, shows, paintings, lectures, among others ...


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