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Tech crunch sm95 HP - Hewlett Packard PC World  
CNET sm100editorial choise Dell Computers PC Mag
Tom's hardware IBM PC Advisor
Tech meme Apple¬†Mac  
Digg Toshiba  
MakeUseOf sm95 Asus  
Computer Forum Acer  
Product Hunt Samsung  
Grand st. sm95 Packard Bell  
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... Computing:

It's computer science, related to the storage, transmission, treatment or processing of information through digital media, enhancing memory skills, communication and thinking.

... Hardware:

In the electronic context, computing, the term "Hardware" applies to drives, computer components or electronic equipment such as central processing unit, memory, graphics cards, hard drives, monitors, equipment such as printers, mouse, speakers sound, keyboards or any other equipment that requires computer processing.

... Software:

It's part of the logic computer which provides instructions to the hardware, permitting the operations of one or more devices.

There are several types of software:

System software, internally processed, encompassing the operating system and device drivers.

Programming software applications that enable the development of computer systems across programming languages.

Application software, which are all applications that allow the user to make the most varied tasks in almost all areas of society.

Free software concept, the user has access to the source code, thus being able to share, change and program applications without having to have permission of the owner.


The word technology comes from the Greek "tekhne" meaning "technique, occupation" with the suffix "logy" meaning "study". Technology is a product of science and engineering, knowledge of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods, services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation, helping to develop economies eg.

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