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Search engines are programs whose goals are search for keywords provided by the user in the database as web pages, documents, videos, books or maps.

After the user enters the desired keywords, the search engine, through an algorithm based on hundreds of variables, calculates the best possible results in accordance with the goal attributed. It takes into account factors such as ranking (importance) of pages, age of the domains, keywords relation - page content, social signals, frequency of updating the content, quality of content, among hundreds of other items.

According to public known statistics, Google, Bing and Yahoo, are the world's largest search engines, and Google is the most used and most reliable with large difference to the other two.

Website directories are portals which are usually organized by categories and sub-categories. Unlike search engines, directories are controlled by humans who make all the management and updating of its contents. The demand from users is also very different, and there are no keywords, but categories and sub-categories navigation. Directories can be global, national, regional or specialized in particular subject. You should pay attention to directories outdated. A current and reliable choice:!

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